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Inside the fight for unions at Samsung

“Everyone: Decide whether it is better to have an union or not," one of officials said, according to a transcript provided by Jo, a 22-year veteran at Samsung's Everland theme park. “Then managers offered to give me anything I want - better pay, promotion, you name it," Jo said. Jo says he was fired days after he went on to start a union in July that year. Samsung said his repeated violation of company rules was the reason for the layoff, according to court documents. But five years later, the Supreme Court ruled the sacking was retaliation against Jo's union activities and the company reinstated him. “The company has respected the Supreme Court’s ruling that the layoff was excessive although some grounds of its disciplinary action were accepted and the company has completed measures such as reinstatement,” Samsung C&T Corp, the unit that runs Everland, said in a statement to Reuters. It denied Jo’s claim that he was offered better pay or a promotion. A hundred pages of court documents from Jo's legal battle with Samsung reviewed by Reuters, and interviews with seven former and current employees, provide a glimpse into how South Korea's most powerful family-run conglomerate has for decades undermined workers' efforts to organise labour. Samsung's union tactics are now being investigated after prosecutors obtained company documents in April allegedly showing another Samsung Electronics unit discriminated against subcontracted workers for joining a union.

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SEO without SERPs is here with Google Assistant, Home and Amazon Echo. Heres how to survive.

google-home-orange4-1920 If the searcher wants an answer, don’t get in her way. But there are plenty of queries that Google Home just has no idea how to answer — and those are the ones, along with queries that are affected by featured snippets or maps, that SEOs can still optimize for. Search Engine Land contributing editor  Greg Sterling recently asked on the LSA Insider blog, “Will (Mobile) SEO Soon Be a Thing of the Past?” His question relates to Google’s tendency with Assistant and Home to give answers instead of search results; and in a world where SEO is about ranking higher in the search results, what future does SEO have with devices that don’t provide search results? It’s an interesting question — but when you really look at it, I think you’ll see that SEO is more important than ever in this context. There is only one number one spot, and that spot is used for the featured snippet. As long as these answers are pulled from Google search results and not from true artificial intelligence, SEOs will have a place in making sure that their answer is the one that appears in the featured snippet. And so you see articles like this one, or Dr. Pete’s recent “ How to Rank in Google Home ,” that focus entirely on being picked up in those featured snippets. If you can do that, you sometimes have a chance to drive more traffic to your website if Google provides a link in the Home app, and your site is credited as the original source, giving your brand credibility and authority.

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